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HDMI Extender over Cat6 Cable to 50m with IR

Foxtel friendly - easy instal - warranty + free postage!

HDMI / Cat Extenders up to 50m HDMI / Cat Extenders up to 50m

HDMI using Cat6 23 awg cable or better to 50M, breaks the limitation of HDMI cable length, easy to instal. The big plus is the IR control of a device from another room!. Cat6 cable is available at low cost from OfficeWorks, Bunnings etc.. Not shipped from some foreign port - comes with real warranty and sent from Qld. 

Please check stock levels on our new site and order there

$99.00 Checkout

HDMI Extender - non powered

This HDMI Extender via Cat cable can extend the HDTV display up to 25 meters for 1080p. CAT cable has more flexibility and cheaper too. Using Cat cable allows for easy cost effective instal in walls. Use quality HDMI cables with this unit.

HDMI / Cat Extenders


Cat cable can be purchased cheaply at places like Bunnings.

$34.95 Checkout